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Travel insurance

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Whether cancellation insurance, health insurance, luggage insurance or a comprehensive carefree package – we will book the appropriate cover so that you are not confronted with unpleasant situations on your trip. There’s always something that can crop up, such as an illness before you depart or on arrival, or an item of luggage that goes missing. We will be glad to compare the products of different providers for you and put together the individual offers to suit your trip.
Which types are advisable?

Insurance policies

International medical insurance
Travel cancellation insurance
Travel curtailment insurance

International medical insurance

International medical insurance is the most important travel insurance, because statutory health insurance schemes do not pay for all costs, even within the EU.

Travel cancellation insurance

With travel cancellation insurance and depending on the tariff booked, it is possible to avoid 100% of cancellation charges. Important: careful examination of the terms and conditions of the insurance to check the applicable reasons for cancellation. Generally they include unexpected illness or bereavements within the family. However, some insurers also pay in the event of unemployment or damage to the policyholder’s house. In addition, it is always necessary to check whether insurance cover applies in the case of pre-existing or chronic illnesses.
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Travel curtailment insurance

Travel curtailment insurance is contained in many cancellation insurance policies – often at a surcharge – and comes into effect if the traveller becomes ill at the destination and has to return prematurely.
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Tipps on
Travel insurance

Packages are not always advisable: the popular “comprehensive carefree package” is often too expensive as it may contain superfluous insurance cover. Consumer advice centres, for example, advise against taking out luggage, travel liability and travel accident insurance, as these are often already covered by other insurance policies.
Include curtailment insurance: anyone who books travel cancellation insurance should also make sure that it contains curtailment insurance. Travel cancellation generally applies only as far as the airport whereas curtailment insurance applies from the start of the trip. The two types of insurance are usually offered together, but sometimes separately as well.
Observe time limits
Depending on the insurer, the travel cancellation insurance must be concluded 14 to 42 days after the trip has been booked at the latest or by a minimum of 30 days before the journey starts.
Personal excess
Many tariffs differ according to whether an excess is contained in the cover or not. This is something else that requires checking in advance in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim.
Automatic renewal
The terms and conditions of termination also vary. Often the insurance applies only for the duration of the trip and then expires automatically. In some cases, however, the contract renews automatically and the premium then generally becomes due for a further year.
Luggage insurance
Luggage insurance is relatively expense and generally only delivers the desired service if strict conditions are adhered to. Before taking out such a policy, you must check what is covered and for what amount. Many experts regard this type of insurance as superfluous as the airlines are liable for lost or damaged luggage. This insurance is therefore only worthwhile if the actual value of the luggage exceeds the upper liability limit of around €1,300.
Insurance cover by credit cards
Often travel insurance is included with the traveller’s credit card either partially or in full. But be careful: this generally only applies if the credit card is used to pay for the trip.
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